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Our mechanical expertise is second to none, structured around the exceptional skills of a true master mechanic, the co-owner of VeloTech. Call to set up an appointment, request a quote, or ask a question.


Nothing matters more than a proper fit. A top-of-the-line carbon racer won’t perform much better than a cruiser if it doesn’t fit you.

At VeloTech, no sale is complete until the bike is dialed in to your anatomy. While you can buy a men’s bike or a women’s bike or a kid’s bike, the truth is that those categories are pretty general descriptions. Before we even start selecting models, we’ll get some measurements and ask you some questions about your riding, your body, and your goals. Once we have the right bike, we’ll take more measurements, on and off the bike, and select the right components to tailor the bike to your body geometry and style. Finally, we’ll adjust, ride, adjust, and ride some more to find the perfect fit.

We use a combination of our Juteau Cantin fit bike, a good old tape measure and visual check, and decades of experience to get the fit right.


Factory wheels are pretty amazing, but they are necessarily built for the average rider in any given category. Are you bigger, stronger, lighter, than average? Do your performance needs fall outside the typical? Are you looking for something special — something one-of-a-kind?


Consider a custom, handbuilt wheel that perfectly matches your weight, riding style, and budget. We’ll build your wheels right here in the shop with your choice of rim, hub, spokes, spoke count, and lacing pattern. A good, strong, well-built wheel will stay true and round and last for many, many miles of riding.