Shoes & Pedals
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A proper cycling shoe provides the power connection between your body and your bike. Every watt your legs produce is transmitted through your shoes, so they need a stiff sole and a snug fit. A carbon or composite sole provide maximum power transfer, and a wire or velcro closure system prevents your foot from wasting energy at any point in the pedal stroke.


We carry Sidi and DMT shoes. Brands known for Italian quality and excellent fit and performance. Visit our Palo Alto store for a proper fit, including semi-custom insoles.


Leg, shoe, pedal, power. If you want to transmit power efficiently, your shoes and pedals have to transmit every watt. Pedals must hold your foot firmly in place while providing a platform for power transmission, whether you’re seating or standing. At the same time, they have to be easy to engage and fast to clip out of, especially if you’re racing cyclocross or bouncing down a trail.


We feature pedals from Time, Look, Speedplay, and Shimano for a choice of pedal styles and price points. Time and Look feature carbon blades instead of springs in their top-of-the-line pedals, for light weight without compromise. Speedplay’s unique pedal/cleat system gives you unlimited float, the lowest stack height, and top performance.